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  • Most children with a diagnosis of any kind are provided an Individualized Education Plan or IEP to help with school. So what exactly is an IEP? How do you read it? And what input can ..... Read More
  • Why? This is the number one question parents ask in the field of ABA. Why is she acting this way?  Why is he hitting his friends?  Why won’t he stop screaming? All behavior follows a ..... Read More
  • Imitation is such an important skill for our learners, especially young learners.  Most people, without realizing it, learn the majority of their skills simply through observation. As a child, your parents, siblings, and friends were ..... Read More
  • In the beginning of Colorado ABA Therapy, there was one (well….. technically two). With a desire to serve, Ms. Gonzalez has helped build Colorado ABA Therapy from the successes and frustrations that laced her experiences ..... Read More
  • The word “Autism” first originated from a psychiatrist named Eugen Bleuler in 1911. He believed it to be an aspect of schizophrenia to describe how his patients withdrew from the outside world into themselves.  It ..... Read More
  • So what is pairing, and why is it so important? When we first start an ABA program with a new family, we often talk about pairing as our first objective.  Pairing is the process we ..... Read More