Parent Training

We are better together!

Colorado ABA Therapy LLC understands the need and value of parent training by ABA providers to support in-home and center based therapy services. With the increasing demands of insurance companies and a lack of funding for parent training, we would like to introduce a unique opportunity for parents to access affordable parent training in the principals of Behavior Analysis and related topics.

Join us in the effort to come together as a community to support each other and gain valuable education on topics such as:

* Introduction to ABA

* Behavior management

* Daily living

* Creating a positive environment

* Parent selected topics based on interest and need and many more!

Colorado ABA Therapy offers three different parent training formats to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Format 1: Co-Op

Our Co-Op parent training opportunity is an affordable way for people to receive the training they need at an affordable rate. A co-op is a way to work together towards a goal to which one cannot achieve alone. With this philosophy, Colorado ABA Therapy LLC strives to pull the community together to bring a needed support service to our families who have children with disabilities.

Rate: $27 per workshop

Format 2: Small Group

The small group parent training opportunity is a more individualized training arranged for 3-5 families with similar challenges and needs. By participating in a small group, the training cost is split equally between the families making it more affordable while still allowing our trainings to be individualized.

Rate: $65 per family

Format 3: Individual

Inidividual parent training is available for families who require more intensive training for severe behaviors or who desire an individualized training program based on their child’s specific needs. These training sessions will be regularly scheduled appointments with one of our BCBAs within the home environment. Upon registration, you will be connected with one of our representatives for scheduling.

Rate: $1,200 for 13 hours of one-on-one training

To begin participation in our parent training opportunity, please contact us below to register with one of our specialists.