ABA Therapy Services

Colorado ABA Therapy provides “in home” Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA) therapy services for special needs children and adults. We help people with special needs challenges succeed. Our therapist come right to your front door and provide customized therapy inside your house.

Our caring hands and warm hearts help children excel through complex, interdisciplinary therapies that feel more like play than work. Children laugh, play and succeed here.

We work with each family individually and help with every aspect of what they need — assessments, evaluations, diagnoses, therapy plans — but we also help families find other services for their children and help them navigate insurance plans and reimbursement programs.

We are the leading behavioral therapy practice in the Denver, CO metropolitan area that specializes in serving children with special needs.

We are especially effective at evaluating children and planning therapies that will target their specific, individual challenges. Every child is different and special, so our therapy plans are as well. Because we work with only special needs children, the expertise level of our therapists is also specialized and focused. We are the best at what we do.

We provide:

  • individualized attention,

  • unparalleled, state-of-the-art techniques,

  • individually tailored programs, and

  • anatmosphere of confidentiality and respect for your child’s privacy and self-esteem.


Therapy Services​

– Child Counseling

– Play Therapy

– Family Counseling

– Coping & Adjusments

– Anger Management

– Group Therapy


Speech & Language

​- Articulation Disorders

– Expressive Disorders

– Oral-Motor Difficulties

– Resonance/Voice Disorders

– Pronunciation Difficulties

– Communication Difficulties


Occupational Therapy​

– Pervasive Developmental Disorders

– Gross and Fine Motor Delays

– Developmental Delays
– Coordination & Balance Problems
– Attention & Concentration Problems
– Learning Problems


Educational Services

– Assessment & Evaluation


– Learning Difficulties

– Cognitive Testing

– School Visits


School Observation

– Direct observation in school setting​

– Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
– Develop techniques to communicate​
– Assist with program modification​
– Provide resources for school staff​