Our Mission

Colorado ABA Therapy provides behavioral therapy services to families with children who have specials needs from infancy to adolescence. We are the leading therapy practice in the Denver, CO area that specializes in helping children with special needs.

It’s our mission to make life easier for families and children with special needs. Nothing makes us happier than the smiling face of a child who has just accomplished a new task or a milestone. It’s why we’re here and why we love what we do.

Our multidisciplinary team sets treatment plans based on what is important for each family. We recognize the importance of the continuum of care, and we are committed to creating successful working relationships coordinating with physicians, community agencies, school districts, and caregivers.

We at Colorado ABA Therapy believe that educating others about the strengths and capabilities of special needs children helps to provide a full support system for them. Educating others and providing training through consultation, workshops, in-services, and mentoring programs are part of our corporate mission.


Our specially qualified and compassionate therapists strive to provide the highest level of intervention to help children develop tools today that will serve them in all aspects of their lives as they grow.

Our Vision

Colorado ABA Therapy believes that partnerships create successful environments in which special needs children thrive and excel. We believe in creating as many opportunities as possible to work collaboratively with communities, families, healthcare providers, and business leaders to develop new services that are important to our community and the special needs children that live within the community.

We are committed to:

  • accelerating progress through parent education and home program development,

  • providing excellence and value for our services through flexible, scheduling, neighborhood locations, and competitive pricing,

  • continuing to improve and provide extensive and specialized training and education to our staff,

  • collaborating with local agencies to improve service delivery, and

  • doing things differently where measurable results are evident.

Our Values

It’s all about making life easier for families of children with special needs for us. Experiencing milestone moments with a child gives us joy and renews our commitment to helping special needs children every day. We maintain a highly ethical and professional practice.

We value:

  • excellence and attention to detail

  • relationships and making connections

  • positivity and enthusiasm

  • flexibility

  • integrity

  • teamwork and collaboration

  • clear, open communication

  • fun, warmth, and play.