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Do You Need Professional ABA Help With Your Child? Doctors Don't Know What To Do? Feel Like No One

Understands What You Are

Going Through?

The good news is...
The professionals at Colorado ABA Therapy do understand and are ready to help. We specialize in aba therapy, Autism therapy and early intervention.
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parents, we are open for business... we provide in home and center based aba therapy services 
Hi, my name is Breann Gonzalez, Clinical Director of Colorado ABA Therapy. As a business, our fight against COVID-19 is real... many ABA companies in Denver have shut their doors permanently due to the
pandemic, but we are still here, we are still fighting. 

With your support we are determined not to give up. Parents need our help. Kids need our help. We need your

Call us to discuss your child 303-997-0305.

Our passion is real... everyday we work with kids that have Autism,

communication disorders, and other

developmental disabilities.

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"Parents are you struggling everyday with uncontrollable behaviors? We can help you eliminate and prevent most of them." 

Breann Gonzalez, Clinical Director
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Everyday we provide in home and center-based ABA therapy services to families in over 20 cities around the greater Denver Metro area, including Boulder Colorado. 

From as far North as Greeley Colorado and as far South as Castle Rock Colorado and Parker Colorado.

Wherever you live give us a call.



Patty // Mom

Colorado ABA Therapy has made the difference between understanding and confusion, hope and despair

for my family.

Kelly // Mom

The team at Colorado ABA Therapy is fantastic. They care. They have had a positive affect on my entire family.

It is a pleasure working

with them.

Livia // Mom

Adam is doing so well we no longer need to continue with ABA, I want to thank you guys for everything, for being part of Adam's journey and progress, your team is 

amazing! Please say thank you to Kristin, Claire, Alondra Katie. We will definitely miss you!

Maria // Mom

Hi Breann I’m sorry that I couldn’t have the time to

reply your email, it is a

pleasure working with Claire she is awesome and a great BCBA and hopefully she keeps in touch with Natalia so they can discuss about Eden’s progress and new strategies for him. However once again thank you for all you guys support and all I can say is that Eden has a really great team right now, he is in good hands, thank you very much 

I appreciate it. I have seen a lot of progress with Claire’s


Elizabeth // Mom

We would also like to say our deepest thanks for the service that Megan provides for Nathan and all of us. She is a    lifesaver! And we couldn't be happier with Nathan's progress in Kindergarten, which, we believe is due in very large part to ABA and Megan's execution of the great

program that Claire and now Max are putting together

for Nathan.

Rocio // Mom

I was just sending this email to thank you, and we are very happy with Valeria. The first week she met Tommy, he was potty trained a week later. She was a great fit. And thank you so much Kristen for your plan, the both of you have been a blessing and I am

excited for what is yet to come.

Legal Notice: Each testimonial is real, kid names have been changed in order to protect and respect Hipaa privacy laws.