What To Expect

At Colorado ABA Therapy, your special needs child is our focus and area of specialization. Working with special needs children is all we do, and we are the very best at it. We are the leading therapy practice in the Denver, CO that specializes in serving children with special needs.

We provide individualized attention, individually tailored programs, an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect for your child’s privacy and self-esteem, and the latest research based therapy techniques.

There are five steps to treatment:

1. Initial Consultation
After receiving a referral, we will schedule an evaluation so one of our therapists can evaluate and assess your child’s needs.

2. Treatment Plan Review
Our interdisciplinary team will then meet to review the results of the evaluation and develop an individualized therapy plan to help the child achieve the success desired in as short, but reasonable and productive, time-frame as possible.

3. Insurance Authorization
The child’s therapy plan is then sent to your primary insurance carrier for review and authorization. Once that is complete, therapy can begin. We contact you right away to get your child scheduled to start. The sooner the better is always our goal.

4. Schedule Service Start Date With Your Therapist                                                  Hooray, once we have gotten your authorization from your insurance company we can schedule your ABA therapy to begin. This process takes about 45 – 60 days after your initial consultation with us.

5. Ongoing Supervision, Progress, & Training

As therapy progresses and you begin to see improvement in your child’s skills, progress reports will be provided to you as well as any collaborating service provider or physician. We ensure all involved parties are informed of the successes that are taking place as well as any new emerging skills that are developing. We welcome feedback and involvement from all parties interested in the child’s care and progress.